The Clinton Global Initiative

CWA has been actively involved with the Clinton Global Initiative, its growth, and its various iterations since its inception in 2005. Serving as an Executive Producer, Chris Wayne has been responsible for all aspects of event production, logistics and conference support. While we are proud of the accolades that the conference has received over the past few years, we are most proud of the impact that the meeting has had on bettering the lives of millions of people around the world - a direct result of the basic underlying idea of the event: commitment to action.

Annual Meeting

CWA scope of service includes all logistical coordination of activities during the Annual Meeting immediately surrounding President Clinton, other Heads of State, dignitaries and VIPs. CWA also oversees all design, implementation and coordination of sessions on and off site in New York City, including the opening reception at MoMa. CGI was recently named by BizBash as the top Political, Legal and Diplomatic event of the year.

CGI Asia

As Producer of the CGI Asia, CWA designed and implemented the first foreign meeting of the CGI series. CWA served as the liaison between CGI and the Hong Kong Government, and also was tasked with logistics and coordination on site with the hotel, technical vendors, labor and other local business entities.  


During the inaugural meeting of the CGI U, the university counterpart of Annual Meeting, CWA expanded our services to include management of travel arrangements, ground transportation and hotel accommodations for the nearly 1000 student attendees in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Our team was also responsible for the coordination and execution the of the CGI U day of service, where 1000 students were transported to the lower 9th ward to participate in a rebuilding project for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

White Oak

CWA also serves as the producer and consultant behind CGI’s annual retreat for top level working group chair and advisors, which occurs annually at the White Oak Natural Conservatory in Yulee, Florida. CWA is tasked with designing and implementing an intimate atmosphere to foster thoughtful debate and analysis of the goals and programs of CGI for both the immediate future and the long-term. Our team also serves as the logistical coordinator of the event, arranging flights, ground transportation, and lodging for high-level guests invited to the retreat annually.

The Wall Street Journal CEO Council

In the fall of 2008, with the global financial markets in crisis, the U.S. health care system under stress, and increasingly difficult challenges emerging in energy and the environment, America faced many urgent issues that required action. On November 17-18, The Wall Street Journal convened nearly one hundred CEOs of major global companies for a working session to focus on the key priorities facing President-elect Obama and the new Congress as they took office during tumultuous economic times.

The proceedings opened on the evening of November 17, when U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Jr. and two of his predecessors—Robert E. Rubin and Lawrence H. Summers—met with the group for dinner to address the subject that was at the top of everyone’s agenda: the global economy. On November 18, the CEOs divided into four “task forces” to address key issues facing the new administration: finance and the U.S. economy; energy and the environment; health care; and America’s role in the global economy. These task force discussions were facilitated by the Journal's top editors, and the participants also met with leading policymakers in each of the four areas.

Each task force utilized a unique piece of software developed in house by CWA and a state-of-the-art audience response system to craft and rank a set of priorities for the new administration in its policy area. We then brought all the CEOs together, and using the same software and ARS voting system, ranked the policies and priorities across the board. The results were then presented to incoming White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel as the top five priorities for the business community to the incoming administration.

The 2008 CEO Council was such a success that The Wall Street Journal continues to hold this event annually. Each year has included new speakers and guests, with Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Senator John McCain participating in the fall of 2010, and most recently in 2011, Former U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman, and Zhang Xin, CEO of SOHO China.

In addition to the programmatic elements of all the CEO Councils, CWA is responsible for comprehensive production services, including event development and planning, on-site vendor management, detailed stage and set design, scripting and show flow, sound and lighting, video segment production, event graphics and multimedia elements.

By building an event that allows the great minds of the business community to participate and engage through technology and discussion, The Wall Street Journal and CWA have succeeded annually in creating a unique, memorable and impactful event for our attendees and the media. We work with The Wall Street Journal in an ongoing partnership, and we have partnered with them for several separate events as well as the CEO Council annually.

The Economist -­ The World In 2011

Every December for the past 25 years, The Economist has published The World In..., a special issue of the magazine that features predictions about the year ahead. Journalists and leaders from a range of fields make bold forecasts about their areas of expertise and the potential changes that will affect the world in the upcoming year.
In 2010, The Economist sought to bring this special magazine issue to life through an event. They hired CWA as a partner to help conceptualize, plan and execute this project.
Guided by the visions of The Economist team, CWA came up with concept of The World In Festival. This would be a series of events featuring an opening gala dinner followed by a variety of speakers, panels, performances, meals, and discussions. This event structure created an engaging environment in which leaders from various fields could present their predictions for the coming year and discuss their ideas with other leaders and event attendees in a variety of ways.
The World In 2011 Festival took place on December 2-4, 2010 in New York City. The opening event was a large gala dinner held at Skylight Soho. The evening featured a short film, speakers U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu and chef Jose Andres (whose company also catered the dinner), as well as a keynote by 42nd President Bill Clinton. There were performances by Loudon Wainwright III and the popular Somalian recording artist K’naan. Over 375 guests were in attendance for this memorable evening.
The next two days of the festival included debates, discussions, and interactive activities on finance, politics, science, women’s economic opportunity, architecture, music, and art. There were panels, comedy performances, musical acts, short films, and lunch discussions.
CWA was responsible for all event development and planning; full production services; on-­‐site vendor management; design of all branding, graphics, signage, and décor; stage and set design; scripting and show flow; sound and lighting; video production and multimedia; registration and volunteers.
By designing an event environment that captured the purpose and feel of The World In issue, The Economist was able to bring the magazine to life and communicate with its audience in an engaging and memorable way. The Economist prides itself on providing both insight and optimism to its readers, and The World In 2011 Festival succeeded in this such that The Economist plans to hold one every year into the foreseeable future.

National Clean Energy Summit

In August of 2008 CWA was brought on to produce the inaugural National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Summit is a partnership between Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, The Center for American Progress, T. Boone Pickens, and the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. CWA drew upon their experience in producing large-scale content heavy events, and helped the coalition develop a compelling program for the media while creating a forum for the free and open discussion of policy ideas.

The event, which was attended by some 2000 individuals from around the country, and covered in over 150 media outlets, was entirely designed, produced and implemented by the CWA team. Our challenge was to create a venue in which participants could discuss complex topics ranging from cap-and-trade policy to tax incentives for renewable energy investments, while reaching out effectively to a broad and diverse audience – including the media, policy and opinion makers, current and potential member organizations, and the general public. The solution was to create a visually enabled set that manifested the central themes of the National Clean Energy Summit and projected the strength and innovation of the participants and their organizations. By weaving together state-of-the-art presentation elements and new audience participation technology, we produced dialogue sessions and accompanying video content that explored in depth issues of importance to our participants and the general public.

The National Clean Energy Summit, called for by Senator Harry Reid, featured remarks from President Bill Clinton, Secretary of Energy Dr. Steven Chu, former Arizona Governor and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, T. Boone Pickens, Utah Governor John Huntsman, and many other high profile members of the political and environmental communities. The success of the event has paved the way for Summit to become an ongoing program, which CWA has been brought on to produce annually since its inception.